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Kansas City, MO

SSL Secure

Knot & Splice is an SSL secure website

Please note the "Https://" and lock symbol before our domain name when you type our domain into your browser.

Information about SSL and supported browsers from our host, Squarespace:

What is SSL?
Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is a technology that secures the connection between your browser and the website you’re visiting. To verify that SSL is protecting a page, look for a URL beginning with https://, instead of http://, and a green, closed padlock icon. This allows visitors to navigate the website and submit information through a secure connection.

SSL provides three important security benefits:
+Privacy: Encrypts the connection between the browser and web server and securely transmits information (like login credentials) to prevent unauthorized parties from eavesdropping.
+Data integrity: Prevents unauthorized parties from altering data during transmission (like during a Form Block submission).
+Authentication: Protects against impersonation by requiring web server proof of identity.

Squarespace (our host) recommends that you update older browsers to view our secure site:

Some older browsers don’t support the high security standards required by our SSL certificates. 

Unsupported browsers include:
+All versions of Internet Explorer on Windows XP
+Internet Explorer versions older than 7
+Firefox versions older than 2.0
+Safari versions older than 2.1
+Any Google Chrome version older than 6

Unsupported mobile browsers include:
+All versions of Safari running iOS older than 4.0
+Any Android browser running on a version older than 3.0 (Honeycomb)
+Any Windows Phone browser running on a version older than 7

Visitors loading your site on these browsers may have trouble loading the secure, HTTPS version of your site. In some cases, they might not be able to load it at all.

To avoid these issues, we recommend using a supported browser to visit or edit any Squarespace site.